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April 18, 2012
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Won me Best in Show at my Senior Art Exhibition :)

deviantArt is sometimes a little weird when it comes to playing this, so I apologize in advance if the music is out of sync with the animation. If it is (which will be obvious, I think), I recommend viewing elsewhere, selecting download on the right, or letting the video cycle once over before watching. This is the highest resolution version I have online.

Trouble watching here? Also watch on

Here's the animation I worked on all fall semester 2011. It's an excerpt from the fourth chapter of my fantasy novel series.
This isn't the ending I had in mind; the original ending was a lot more complicated and definitely longer. With my time limit, though, definitely not feasible. My teacher liked this ending, so I'm fine with it.

There are a million things wrong with it, I know; please don't point them out to me. :forgiveme: I'm much better at animation than I was before, but I just don't have the time to fix the problems right now. Maybe I will later.

After Effects Animation

Music: "Mausam and Escape" by A.R. Rahman

Lea Faske 2012

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Daily Deviation

Given 2012-12-10
Chapter 4 by =Eksafael
Minato-Kushina "The animation really absorbs you and makes you wonder about the story depicted!" ( Suggested by Minato-Kushina and Featured by kingmancheng )
maglor20 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
This is beautiful. :love:
fishter911 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:clap: I love how this depicts light and darkness to an individual, the animation is amazing! Well done! :D
hollowheartlessIzsak Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Oh my fricken goodness!!!!!!!!! O.o This is one of the best animations I have ever seen! <3
Kitoria Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
elen89 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
.....Awesome X3 
FirstDarkAngel2001 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I assume you intentionally made the character's eyes change colors a lot, so I am curious of why his eyes do in fact do that. Great animation, though.
KakotheShadowWolf Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That was very nice.
If I had to give you a piece of advice, though, I was say not to make your introductions so long. I don't know whether it me or not, but the first few minutes of the video, in which the main character was floating/falling seemed awfully long to me, and I got a tad bored.

Nonetheless, it was very good, and seemed pretty professionally done to me. I would adore seeing much more of this. :) Keep up the good work.
Eksafael Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I appreciate your insight.
I agree that the sequence you mentioned took more space than I wanted. I think you forgot to consider, though, that the animation was confined to the pre-established structure of the song. Since I did not commission the music, I had no power over that, unless I were to edit the song in Garageband and therefore sacrifice its flow and natural build-up. I have to also point out that the sequence you're talking about occurs within 30 seconds; if it really did take you a few minutes to get through that scene, I apologize, and I recommend viewing it on YouTube or Newgrounds. DeviantART is a little laggy in playing the animation on my laptop PC, while perfectly fine on my iMac, so I can't tell how it plays on the average computer. The animation itself isn't much longer than 2:30, including the 15-20 second introduction, and timing is crucial.
Again, thank you; I really do appreciate honest comments.
KakotheShadowWolf Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, okay. :) I realized it must have been laggy; I didn't think you'd make it that long on purpose. ^_^
I'll have to re-watch it on Newgrounds.
You're very welcome, by the way.
HeavensDawn Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Such smooth animations, and I love the illustrations. That music, yesss
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